51-1-90385597 / Inca World Export & Import

Phone : 51-1-90385597

Company : Inca World Export & Import

Address : General Recavarren 264, piso 2, Miraflores, Lima/P

Country : Peru

City : Lima

Fax : 0-0-00000000


Description : We are a new export/import company located in Lima, Peru. We offer a wide variety of high quality clothing products in name brands or generics as well as alpaca clothing which is very soft & warm; shoes of any type or style; beautiful, ethnic arts & crafts with an Incan Indian motiff; unique home furnishings like vases & urns, wall hangings, beautiful mirrors, statues, oil paintings, etc; costume jewelry or beautiful jewelry crafted in Peruvian 950 or 925 silver or also gold; leather goods such as purses, bags, backpacks, photo albums, etc; we also have many food products available for export here in Peru but at the present time we are only dealing in canned foods like fish. Please be specific when contacting us as we offer literally hundreds of products. And if there is something specific which you are looking for then let me know and I will see if I can locate it for you.Chao
Industry :
  • Furniture & Furnishings
  •    ∟ Home Decor
  •      ∟ Vases
  •        ∟ Bamboo & Wooden Vases
  •        ∟ Other Vases
  • Gifts & Crafts
  •    ∟ Photo Albums
  • Home & Garden
  •    ∟ Garden Supplies
  •      ∟ Garden Ornaments & Water Features
  •        ∟ Statues

Industry : ;generics;925 Silver;
Category : generics,925 Silver - Business Type:Distributors/Wholesalers
Services : Clothing, Alpaca Products, Home Furnishings, Handmade Arts &Amp; Crafts, Ethnic Oil Paintings, Silver Jewelry, Leather Goods, Canned Fish

51-1-90385597 / 51190385597 Reverse Phone Lookup - Company Lookup

Reverse Phone Number Lookup 51-1-90385597, Current it's owned by Company( Inca World Export & Import, Peru), Click view more details.

Inca World Export & Import, Peru | Phone 51-1-90385597

Company Lookup Inca World Export & Import, Peru, Address: General Recavarren 264, piso 2 Miraflores, Lima/ (Zip/Postal:18) Peru, View more details.

51-1-90385597 / 51190385597, Inca World Export & Import , Company Phone Lookup

Check who owns this number +51-1-90385597: it's owned by BUSINESS(Inca World Export & Import) and located in , , visit for more detailed information.

51-1-90385597 / 51190385597 Reverse Phone Lookup

51-1-90385597 Reverse Phone Lookup,51190385597 This phone number is a business number belonging to Inca World Export & Import, the company located at General Recavarren 264, piso 2, Miraflores, Lima/P, Uruguay.

Inca World Export & Import , Tel 51-1-90385597

Inca World Export & Import, Peru, View business profile includes such as contact, tel 51-1-90385597, address, product, services and sales.

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