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Phone : 86-15980616903

Company : Clothstar

Address : Xiangjiang road 1691-1695 F2 Shisi Fujian, Quanzhou, Fujian, China

Country : China

Fax : 86-059188000565

Mobile : 86-15980616903


Description : The love of Hancheng ( Clothstar ) from South Korean brand, was born in 1990, with its simple and pure style to attract global fashion white-collar MM eyes. Clothstar is directed at the age of 18 years old to 30 years old between like decent, fashionable and white-collar workers design. The style is designed to cater to the international metropolis white-collar MM 's quality of life, they like a generous, professional and simple style, at the same time, high-quality, fashionable and novel of the clothing fabrics. Brand design focus on the internationalization of brand design concept, the pursuit of urban plots, emphasis is the white-collar of modern fashion unique feeling. Its sales object contains elites in all walks of life and sensitive to the fashion MM. The Clothstar brand is very caring for the younger generation, they may be particularly sensitive to the fashion group, there is a keen insight, they live in multifarious metropolis, so taste like personal independence of conduct, from the public to jump out, Clothstar brand for these smart, energetic young people created their choice. In the clothing in 2010 will be Clothstar brand was introduced to China, has been in China Beijing, Shanghai and other big, in city with agents. Clothstar occupation without formal sense, affectation, integrated Chinese workplace clothes and casual casual, and fabric and colour follow traditional implicit exquisite Italy. Different lightness, gray color, make people sigh for it can apply gray changing infinite means ability. Clothstar apparel trading company limited, by the young people love!
Locality : Fujan
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Clothes
Services : clothes

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