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Phone : 86-75522909987


Address : Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Country : China

Mobile : 86-15013661624

Website : www.abdoolally.com


Description : Since 1842, AEG has been chartering unknown territories and connecting the farthest reaches of the global market place. Founded by Seth Ebrahim Noordin, the group began its origin in Hong Kong as one of its first traders in pulses, tea, silk and cotton between China and India. Today, run by the family�s fifth generation, AEG operates in 13 locations across the world in a diverse range of businesses from textiles and commodities trading, housewares export, foodstuffs manufacturing, industrial product design, to ship chartering. While we take great pride in our experience and long history imagine, we are HSBC�s oldest surviving client. we strive to keep our perspective fresh and contemporary. Looking into the future, we are committed to collaborating with businesses around the world to create better products and services, streamlining supply chains and staying innovative. Since the mid-19th century, AEG has traded cotton and silk between China and India. Fashions shift, tastes evolve, regulations change, technologies break through. With each generation, we�ve embraced changes, adapted to challenges and improved services. Today, we provide one-stop fabrics and yarns solutions to the global textile and fashion industry, and service our clients through a network of offices in Hong Kong, China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Offering top quality natural and synthetic yarns through a vast network of suppliers, AEG is a leading player in the yarn business across Asia with over 160 years of history and experience. With meticulous after sales service, a dedication to using the best raw materials, and superior quality control processes and modern, computerized testing facilities, our group has gained a distinguished reputation in the textile industry.
Category : Business Type:Trading
Services : Cotton Yarn Greig Fabric
Services : cotton yarn greig fabric

AECO QINGDAO LTD , Tel 86-75522909987

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86-75522909987 / 8675522909987 AECO QINGDAO LTD

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AECO QINGDAO LTD, China | Phone 86-75522909987 - TradeHelps.com

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