90-312-3976121 / Yenigul Vip

Phone : 90-312-3976121

Company : Yenigul Vip

Address : gimat, ankara, Turkey

Country : Turkey

City : Ankara

Fax : 90-312-3973737

Mobile : 90544-2910404

Website : www.vipcompanygroup.com


Description : Yenigulvip is one of the best manufacturer, wholesaler, aswell retailer in Turkey. Established in 1976 between three brothers, has done fairly well so far now are all excited to do even better and better in the world.
We are selling and buying all sorts of nuts, dried fruits, spices and seasonnings.
Whoever wants to make successful business are wellcome to contact.Dear sir or madam

We would like to import walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts.  please do contact.

Company name: yenigul vip food ltd.
Established on 1969
No employee: 250
Annual income: over 1 million dollors.

Our business activities;

Our products;

Hazelnut, almond, wallnut, peanuts, pistachios, chickpeas pumpkin seed, sunflower seed ,.....etc.(all these could be  roasted or raw, with or without soya, salted or plane, with shell or  peeled,
as required.
Dried fruits;
Apricots, raisons(turkish sultanas), blue grapes, figs, plumb, cherry, dates, ........etc.

?Nestle a.s.(because we are the only distributer for all Ankara the capital of Turkey)?Gima hypermarkets ( because we operate all the nuts and dried fruit sections in all the gima supermarket cahins in Turkey, which is about 70.)
?Carrefour SA ( again we operate many of carrefoursa market chains, nuts and dried fruit sections)
?Migros hypermarkets (we are about the start working with migros hypermarkets soon)
?Endi hypermarkets (we operate about 15 nut and dried fruit sections in ankara)
?Canerler hypermarkets
?Turkiye Is Bankasi
References  are only  brief could be increased if wanted.
Thanks for your polite cooperation.

Imp& exp. Manager
Fatih Bayram

Industry :
  • Agriculture
  •    ∟ Dried Flowers
  •    ∟ Fruit
  •      ∟ Apples
  •      ∟ Citrus Fruit

Industry : Food & Beverage , Other Food Food & Beverage , Seasonings & Condiments
Category : Business Type:Distributors/Wholesalers
Services : Almond, *****
Category : Food & Beverage , Other Food Food & Beverage , Seasonings & Condiments
Services : almond, *****

90-312-3976121 / 903123976121 Reverse Phone Lookup - Company Lookup

Reverse Phone Number Lookup 90-312-3976121, Current it's owned by Company( Yenigulvip ltd., Turkey), Click view more details.

Yenigulvip ltd., Turkey | Phone 90-312-3976121

Company Lookup Yenigulvip ltd., Turkey, Address: 4. blok no:80 gimat ankara 06370 Turkey, View more details.

90-312-3976121 / 903123976121, Yenigulvip ltd. , Company Phone Lookup

Check who owns this number +90-312-3976121: it's owned by BUSINESS(Yenigulvip ltd.) and located in , , visit for more detailed information.

Yenigul Vip , Tel 90-312-3976121

Yenigul Vip, Turkey, View business profile includes such as contact, tel 90-312-3976121, address, product, services and sales.

903123976121 / 90-312-3976121 Reverse Phone Lookup

90 - 312 - 3976121 Reverse Phone Lookup,90-312-3976121 This phone number is a business number belonging to Yenigulvip ltd., the company located at 4. blok no:80 gimat ankara 06370 Turkey, Turkey.

Yenigulvip ltd. , Tel 90 - 312 - 3976121

Yenigulvip ltd., View business profile includes such as contact, tel 90 - 312 - 3976121, address, product, services and sales.

90-312-3976121 / 903123976121 Yenigul Vip

90-312-3976121 - Yenigul Vip, Turkey, The Company / Business Services Phone Number Reverse Lookup 903123976121.

Yenigul Vip, Turkey | Phone 90-312-3976121 - TradeHelps.com

Yenigul Vip , Company Products(Services): almond, *****, View more details...

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