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Phone : 92-52-3553671

Company : Meed Skills Surgical

Address : Pakistan

Country : Pakistan


Description : Shortly after PAK-INDO Separation in sub Continent Later Haji Muhammad Hussain founded this company dedicated to providing excellent quality instruments to the local healthcare professionals. In late 60's, five sons of Haji Muhammad Hussain joined the company and took it to the next level of success & innovation in local surgical industry as well as opened its doors to serve medical profession in international market. In early 70's the founder Haji Muhammad Hussain retired from the company, enjoyed good health till he passed away on September 11, 2004.

Now in new millennium "MEED SKILLS SURGICAL" has over 2 acres of production facility and being operated by third generation. Just like first two generations, we are committed to quality, satisfaction and excellence in customer service. Being a large scale manufacturer in Sialkot and to meet the changing needs of medical industry, We have in house design and production setup that enables us to quickly produce new & customized products.

Again thank you and welcome to our brand new catalogue, dedicated to our faithful customers who have patiently suffered its absence and to those for whom this document will be an introduction to our company.

Category : Business Type:Others
Services : Nail Salon Equipment,Nail Beauty Salon Equipment,Beauty And Nails Equipment
Services : nail salon equipment,nail beauty salon equipment,beauty and nails equipment

92523553671 / 91-9252-3553671 Reverse Phone Lookup

92 - 52 - 3553671 Reverse Phone Lookup,91-9252-3553671 This phone number is a business number belonging to Meed Skills Surgical Pvt Ltd, the company located at Fateh ghar link road Fateh ghar link road Near Sma, India.

Meed Skills Surgical , Tel 92-52-3553671

Meed Skills Surgical, Pakistan, View business profile includes such as contact, tel 92-52-3553671, address, product, services and sales.

92-52-3553671 / 92523553671 Meed Skills Surgical

92-52-3553671 - Meed Skills Surgical, Pakistan, The Company / Business Services Phone Number Reverse Lookup 92523553671.

Meed Skills Surgical, Pakistan | Phone 92-52-3553671 - TradeHelps.com

Meed Skills Surgical , Company Products(Services): nail salon equipment,nail beauty salon equipment,beauty and nails equipment, View more details...

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