92-673012155 / Talha Trading Company

Phone : 92-673012155

Company : Talha Trading Company

Address : 19B 2nd floor Shahab Building One Unit chowk, Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan

Country : Pakistan

Postcode : 62020

Mobile : 333-6999247

Website : http://talhatrading.com/


Description : To stay at the top of the market is important that to make steady commercial relationships.
Each day there are more companies that set their business to be international. Talha Trading Company provide security on international trade.
Our mission is achieving successful international commercial transactions for our customers by using international business strategies and the development of new custom products. Our main activity relies on the import and export of products between the Asian Region, Gulf, China, Central & South America and Europe.
Talha Trading Company helps business in finding new and more convenient suppliers. Our professional staff assist our customers through the Market Research and in finding the best matching supplier. We handle Food Products, Hay and Straw Products, Electrical & Electronic Equipment, Mechanical Machinery, Computer & Mobiles etc.
Category : Business Type:Trading
Services : Rhodes Grass Wheat Straw Alfalfa
Services : rhodes grass wheat straw alfalfa

Talha Trading Company , Tel 92-673012155

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92-673012155 / 92673012155 Talha Trading Company

92-673012155 - Talha Trading Company, Pakistan, The Company / Business Services Phone Number Reverse Lookup 92673012155.

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