971-67451675 / Isotrex Manufacturing FZE

Phone : 971-67451675

Company : Isotrex Manufacturing FZE

Address : Ajman Freezone Building A1, Ajman, Ajman, UAE

City : Dubai

Postcode : 40122

Fax : 971-67451670

Mobile : 971-509602694

Website : www.armoredmotors.com


Description : IsotrexManufacturing based in Ajman, UAE specialize in armouring vehiclesfor use in areas that require secure movement of people, mainly with the Toyotarange of vehicles, but can customize any vehicle to required specifications. Wecan also manufacture vehicles are that can be converted into ambulances, troopcarriers and specialized minibuses, dependent on the required operation. Wealso provide Cash in Transit vehicles to a local government organization andhave done so for the past five years.Wepride ourselves on the fact that we use top quality products in ourrefurbishments sourced from Europe and North America and are able to offer thebest value without compromising quality and finish. Please relate to ourwebsite for more details on what we can offer you.
Below is a list of vehicles and costs that we commonly manufacture,armoured generally to CEN Level B6:
Vehicle Type
Toyota LC 200 G9
4.5L Turbo Diesel V8
Toyota LC 200 GXR
4.5L Turbo Diesel V8
Toyota LC 200 GXR
4.5L Turbo Diesel V8
Toyota LC 200 GXR
4.7L Petrol V8
Toyota LC 200 VXR
4.5L Turbo Diesel V8
Toyota LC 200 VXR
4.7L Petrol V8
Toyota LC 70 Series
Troop Carrier
Toyota Hilux
Petrol & Diesel Options
Toyota Camry
2.7L & 3.0L Petrol
Toyota Coaster Crew Bus
12-15 seats
Toyota Coaster Crew Bus
16-20 seats

Industry :
  • Automobiles & Motorcycles
  •    ∟ ATV
  •    ∟ Automobiles
  • Security & Protection
  •    ∟ Access Control Systems & Products
  •    ∟ Other Security & Protection Products
  • Transportation
  •    ∟ Aircraft
  •    ∟ Other Special Transportation

Industry : armored vehicles
Locality : Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Armored Cars, Armored Busses, Cash In Transit Vehicles, Armored Ambulances
Services : armored cars, armored busses, cash in transit vehicles, armored ambulances

+971 6 745 1675 / 971-6-7451675 Reverse Phone Lookup - Company Lookup

Reverse Phone Number Lookup +971 6 745 1675, Current it's owned by Company( Isotrex Manufacturing (armoredmotors.com), United Arab Emirates), Click view more details.

Isotrex Manufacturing (armoredmotors.com), United Arab Emirates | Phone +971 6 745 1675

Company Lookup Isotrex Manufacturing (armoredmotors.com), United Arab Emirates, Address: Ajman Free Zone, Ajman United Arab Emirates, View more details.

971-6-7451675 / 97167451675, Isotrex Manufacturing , Company Phone Lookup

Check who owns this number +971-6-7451675: it's owned by BUSINESS(Isotrex Manufacturing) and located in , , visit for more detailed information.

971-6-7451675 / 97167451675 Reverse Phone Lookup

971-6-7451675 Reverse Phone Lookup,97167451675 This phone number is a business number belonging to Isotrex Manufacturing, the company located at Ajman Freezone Building A1, Ajman, Ajman, UAE, Switzerland.

Isotrex Manufacturing FZE , Tel 971-67451675

Isotrex Manufacturing FZE, UAE, View business profile includes such as contact, tel 971-67451675, address, product, services and sales.

971-67451675 / 97167451675 Isotrex Manufacturing FZE

971-67451675 - Isotrex Manufacturing FZE, UAE, The Company / Business Services Phone Number Reverse Lookup 97167451675.

Isotrex Manufacturing FZE, UAE | Phone 971-67451675 - TradeHelps.com

Isotrex Manufacturing FZE , Company Products(Services): armored cars, armored busses, cash in transit vehicles, armored ambulances, View more details...

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